The premium pouch for serious bike riders

Hand made in New Zealand and built from the highest quality leathers, bike riders like you now have an iPhone pouch that will last the distance.

Tan Brown Nutshell Black

Here’s why Dave Parkhurst from California loves his Nutshell*

*Dave is not alone. His testimonial is one of hundreds of unsolicited customer comments in our archives. See the Nutshell site for hundreds more.

3 more reasons why we reckon Nutshells are the Premium iPhone pouch for bikers:


1. High Quality Production

Handmade in New Zealand since 1997, our products use best quality materials. Over the years we have gained a reputation for customer service, deliverability and ultimate value for money. 


2. Built For Purpose

Our products are ideal for bike riders who want the best quality materials; leathers, linings, clips and closures designed specifically for riding your motorcycle in all conditions.


3. Warranty Backed (2yrs)

Your nutshell is designed and constructed to take the rough with the smooth. All components have been selected and assembled with a single objective: to live up to our tuff-as-nuts claim.

If you would like to purchase your own Nutshell pouch  please select your model of iPhone below :


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