Leveraging Internet and Technology

Our in-house research suggests that about 50% of businesses still don’t have websites. Importantly, urban businesses are 20-25% more likely to have a website than regional businesses. The longer regional businesses delay setting up an internet presence, the more the survival of those businesses and their communities are being compromised by online competitors.

About 2/3 of Australian businesses surveyed recently by GoDaddy felt that their website makes their business look more credible and professional.

In the same survey, existing website owners agreed that their website:

  • Provides a good means of receiving customer enquiries (59%)

Websites are visible around the world which makes it possible for even a one-person business to be able to compete, anywhere.

  • Helps create new business opportunities (58%)

Websites designed for the explicit purpose of selling specific products and services not only help owners to increase the number of new business opportunities but the quality as well.

  • Means the business can be found on Google (56%)

According to Google 46% of searches now have a ‘local intent’. If a local business doesn’t even have a website, it is very unlikely it will survive, let alone create new jobs and improve your local economy.

Most small businesses operating company website believe it has had a significant commercial impact on their success. And for good reason, especially for local retailers. Online shopping now accounts for almost 10% of total retail sales, and that will continue to increase. Results differ by category, but any retail business without a website is running a real risk of failure.

The main reasons reported to GoDaddy for NOT having a website were:

  • Their business is too small (44%)

No business is too small to have a website. Professional one-page websites can be developed by a web designer for less than $500+GST with “click to call” capabilities. And, a website helps to create new opportunities via Google My Business, a major source of free local search traffic. 

  • They don’t have the time to build or manage one (17%)

Yes, they do. Depending on the design, engaging a web design company means the owner might be directly involved for as little as 30 minutes (a one-page site). A 10-page business website might take 2-3 hours.

Once set up, many small websites can remain a “set and forget” promotional asset that will generate earnings for months, or years. For those businesses taking a more proactive approach, tasks can be outsourced to agencies at a fraction of the current costs of local print media, radio, or television.

When it came to pricing, the GoDaddy researchers noted the following:

  • Small business owners expect to be charged around AU$3,200 to build a fully functioning business website. Millennials expect higher fees (AU$4,347) than Gen X (AU$3,208) or Baby Boomers (AU$2,553).

Traditional media simply cannot compete with the cost per business lead via efficient websites. A fully functional 10-page web site, with SEO optimised custom content, designed and developed by professionals, should cost around $2500+GST and be delivered in 10-14 business days.

  • It is too expensive to have a website (30%)

No, it isn’t too expensive. NZ website hosting (.co.nz and .nz only) is available for just $2.50+GST a month. The ongoing cost per lead is, therefore, a pittance.

In addition to offering well-priced and unique websites that will be found by the search engines, we can also help businesses:

  • Significantly reduce their business telephony costs
  • Provide smart, low-cost international phone services
  • Connect them to high speed (up and down) and unlimited data fibre
  • Deliver robust and high-speed broadband wireless at a local and regional level
  • Design and implement local and regional Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

To find out more about how our team of associates can help you get the businesses in your community online quickly and cost-efficiently, call me now for a confidential and obligation-free conversation.

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